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Morrison’s Rogue River Lodge sits in the middle of some of the best river rafting opportunities available, whether you’re longing for a scenic float trip or a thrill-a-minute whitewater adventure. The river has stretches of calm water in beautiful canyons that funnel into narrow rocky channels full of Class III whitewater rafting excitement.

Rogue River Raft Trips, Inc. has been safely and expertly guiding people in their unique wilderness rafting experiences on the Rogue River since 1968. Choose from a menu of multi-day or day trip rafting adventures suitable to your budget, experience, and vacation schedule. Then get ready to enjoy the best the Rogue River has to offer.

Multi Day Rafting Trips

Our multi-day rafting trips cover the section of the river from Morrison’s Rogue River Lodge to Foster Bar, highlighting the Rogue River’s scenic beauty and whitewater fun. The differences among the trips are how you spend your nights: lodging, camping riverside, or both. All trips start with a complete orientation and are led by skilled professional guides who will see to your safety and enjoyment.

3-day Lodge Trip

Rafting Marial LodgeRaft for three days on the Rogue, and relax two nights in wilderness lodges along the way. Perfect for families and individuals who want to raft it without roughing it.

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3-day Camping Lodge Trip

Rafting Camping LodgeAfter the first day of rafting, your “pampered camping” site is already set up with food and tents. Your second night is spent at a wilderness lodge with a home-cooked meal, beds, and baths.

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3-day Camping Trip

Rafting CampingExplore the river by rafting for three days and experience the wilderness on land by camping two nights at your already-prepared campsites on the riverside.

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4-day Camping Trip

Rafting Camp 4 DayThis is one-day extension of the Three-day Rafting Camping Trip. With the extra day, you can spend time exploring the canyons and creeks on the Rogue River.

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Raft Supported Hiking Trip

Raft Supported HikingHike 41 miles of the Lower Rogue River Trail in four days, and enjoy three nights in wilderness lodges. Just tote your daypack, while your gear goes on the raft to the next lodge.

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Whitewater, Wine, Cheese, & Chocolate Trip

Rafting Wine TripAdds to the Three-day Rafting Lodge trip Rogue Creamery cheeses with Southern Oregon wines and chocolates at lunch and dinner.

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Chartered Group Trip

Have your own ideas for a one-of-a-kind rafting trip? Or do you want to accommodate the needs of your group? With the Chartered Group Trip, you can charter any of our trips with a group of 18 or more to create an exclusive and memorable trip with your family or friends.

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Day Rafting Trips

If you’re looking for a rafting day trip, choose from a half-day or full-day adventure on the Rogue River. All trips begin and end at Morrison’s Lodge, in the company of a skilled professional guide, with a fabulous lunch served on the deck overlooking the river.

Rafting Day Trips

Morning Rafting Trip

From 9 am to noon, the Morning Rafting Trip runs from Robertson’s Bridge, through Hellgate Canyon. Your float ends back Morrison’s Rogue River Lodge for lunch on the deck.

In the Morning trip you enjoy about 11 miles of the river.

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Afternoon Rafting Trip

Your trip starts after a lunch served on the Morrison’s Lodge deck. You put in at Morrison’s and raft through the Galice Chutes & Argo rapids with a series of smaller riffles throughout the afternoon.

Depending on high water or low water, you finish the trip at Grave Creek or Argo, making it a trip of 8 or 9 miles.

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Full-Day Rafting Trip

The full day trip is a combination of the Morning and Afternoon trips, running from 9 am to 4 pm, and includes lunch at Morrison’s Rogue River Lodge.

In the Full Day trip, you get to enjoy about 20 miles of the Rogue River.

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